Read this when I’m dead.

Just go on cheating I fucking know it. I’d beat the shit out of you if I catch you again. I know their names, I know your conversations. The reason why I’ll never ever get to like someone seriously, cause I never want to end up a mess like you. FUCKING MESSED UP.

Be more selfless.

I don’t know but sometimes I feel inferior to others and rarely ever superior to another. But really, just looking a stranger in the eye kinda makes you think. What makes your life anymore worthy than the other? We’re all kinda flesh and blood. I’ll promise to change perspectives.

So you talk to me today, tell me more about yourself, ask me what I assume about you. Honestly, why do you need to know what I feel, I think I am too insignificant. You say you won’t give me any apologies, I don’t expect any. I do not engage in self pity, I just wanna keep improving myself. Make myself, make others, make you happy.

So you go on admitting that you’ve been an asshole this entire time. You know what, this is the motion I go through. I ask myself why you’re being this way, what I possibly could’ve done and be sad for awhile. I pick it up and try and be nicer to you. I honestly have no motives for doing so, I just wanna be better and make you contented.

I honestly don’t want any sympathy from you. Neither do I want you to feel bad cause I know you won’t.

So yeah I just wanted you to know, I wanna think the way others think of you.
1. You’re warmhearted
2. You’re very confident
3. You’re direct and honest
4. You can be an asshole at times
5. You’re a great leader

I need you to know I’m not trying to be modest all the time, its really just me not having the guts to express it out. And not knowing when to show it.

You scare me. But I’m stronger than that, one can have hidden resilience too, just because I don’t know what you’ve been through doesn’t mean what you know what I’ve gone through.

Stay awesome.